I whole heartedly commend to you the ministry of Grace Life International. I and many       
of our church staff have experienced a greater freedom as a result of understanding the       
Exchanged Life. -Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia       

“Whom Am I?”

“Why am I hurting so much?”

"Why does God seem far away at times?"

“Why do I keep failing over and over? I try so hard!”

"Why do I work so hard for other people’s approval and acceptance?”

 “Is there an answer for my difficult relationships?”

“How do I maximize my spiritual growth? I can't seem to get there!”

How can I live the abundant life Jesus promised?”


  “Like you, we have struggled with many of those same questions. We would love to walk with you on your own journey in discovering God's answers. Please call us for a counseling consultation.”



Read Mark's Blog Click on Blogger Icon.  Mark Maulding is the President of Grace Life International Specializing in Christian Counseling


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