Foundation 4 Transformation

An Intensive Study of The Heart of The Gospel, Romans 5-8.
Each Monday in June. 6pm – 9pm.

Attend Romans 5 for FREE!

Need To Relax?

June 17/18 Conference


Advanced Discipleship Training

A place to experience grace and intimacy for you.
A group process to equip you to serve and disciple others.

• Starting in June. •


“I whole heartedly commend to you the ministry of Grace Life International. I and many of our church staff have experienced a greater freedom as a result of understanding the Exchanged Life.”

~ Dr. Charles Stanley Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

 “I used to think that being a Christian
was just being a person who glorified God…
and that’s it.

But now I understand who I really am,
and the power I have inside of me.”

~ Maria, Puerto Rico

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